The Library


The Library

A trip to the library
Do you remember the last time you have gone?
Most information that you want to know can now be found at your fingertips
On most mobile devices
I remember taking my kids when they were little
They had story time
Craft time
And it is where we spent some of our time
As I’ve aged I have learned to appreciate experiences more
Walking into a library feels like home to me
Turning the pages of someone’s thoughts
Their best work
Their worst
I give them the credit that is due
I know the challenges of pushing through
Publishing your 1st book?
The finally result is beautiful
Thought out
The author took the plunge
Took a risk
And it made it all worth it
Not all books are best sellers
The fact that the author went against the grain
In order to maintain
The status of
Not all authors are offered an opportunity to publish
There are ones that self publish
I believe self publishing brings up more challenges than hiring a publisher
All of it is done on their time
Their dime
Some authors rhyme
All authors?
To get things right
Whether it is within
Or write to make the world the way they wish to see it
Not all humans can be it
Authors have imagination
I believe we all do
But there are some of us that insist on pushing through
We want change
Or we have a story to tell
Makes me well
If you have a story to tell
Write it
Publish it
I believe my story?
Will be a movie
To show others no matter what
Their mental wellness
I invite you to visit a local library
Sit there for a moment
In the silence that is offered
The shhh that is given?
Is to remind you to keep livin’
There is life within those pages
You can learn different things at different stages
Our house?
Can sometimes feel like we are living in cages
You are meant to live
Your local library a try
The books that are on those shelves?
Will help you get by



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