Taken for Granted


The time I had with you

I won’t soon forget

I won’t let

The bad outway the good

The times that I lived in the hood

Helped prepare me

For where I am now

And where I am yet to be

I love me completely

The lines on my face

Are from smiling so much

My sciatica

Reminds me

Of what I have accomplished in my life

All I am doing is trying to get me right

I’ve heard the whispers

I’ve seen the trolling

I am simply molding

A better version of myself

No one has or will walk in my shoes and know with what I have been dealt

Even if I tried to explain

All I would do is drive myself insane

So I press forward

I spent too much time in pause

Too much time reflecting

Now I am projecting

Pause Reflect Move Forward ™️ to be international

Whether you’ve hired me to help you move forward

Or you’ve heard me on stage

Or have heard me rage

I released myself from the cage

The chains that bound me?

Are broken

Please accept my token

Pause Reflect Move Forward ™️ is how I have awoken

It is my gift to you

How you choose to use it

Is up to you

Hold onto it

And don’t lose it

The time I spend now?

Will not be taken for granted

I’ve planted

Myself in a new environment

To grow

And blossom

I don’t ever want to play possum

How I feel?

How you feel?

Is a choice

I know you can’t see your voice

It is there

Show yourself you care

And dare

To live the life you’ve always wanted

And never again be haunted

By the voices of your past

Live now

Right now

And finally be free at last


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