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1 thought on “Social Media

  1. Susan

    Hi Holly
    Today at 10:40 and 10:51 16 years ago I gave birth to twins.
    The last time I saw my son was 356 days ago.
    The last time I saw his twin sister was 240 days ago.
    The last time I heard from my oldest daughter, will be 2 years ago this coming Mothers day.

    I found your name via the Ch 10 story that you just had. Im trying today more than ever to further educate myself on any new information regarding Parental Alienation.

    I have an up and coming court date, which now due to the Health epidemic, will probably not be heard until God knows when. This just leads to more time of becoming a distant memory to my children.

    Any help you could offer would be so appreciated. I pray that you’re still rebuilding your relationship with your children.

    Thank you and God bless


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