Sharing is Caring With Caution on Facebook

I ❤️ Facebook for many different reasons.
Connecting with friends
Connecting with business partners Seeing the world through my friends eyes.
One of the things I have never understood is why people “share” someone’s picture, updates, pages, websites without looking into who the person or organization is prior to sharing?
Most of us were taught to share as kids and as we get older we don’t want to share a cup of sugar with our neighbor, this is almost unheard of these days right?
When is the last time you shared something other than a Facebook post?
How does it make you feel?
Hopefully it makes you feel like your helping someone other than yourself.
When you did share did you think about why you should or why you shouldn’t?
Sharing on Facebook is genius for many reasons, however there are malicious people in the world and if you aren’t aware of who the originator is and what they stand for you may want to think before you share when it comes to Facebook.
Sharing is caring with caution on Facebook.

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