Sexually Harassed Women

adeleWhen I was growing up I would smile when a man whistled.
Sometimes I would even look back and smile as he did.
I certainly am not raising my girls that way. I have three.
As a survivor of sexual abuse, we MUST teach our girls there is a different way to be confident about themselves.
Teach them that confidence comes from the inside out, NOT the outside in.
Society has young girls, even women believing this.
If you were to watch TV today you would see all sorts of the way a woman may be perceived, I am not a TV person, maybe I don’t see it as often as everyone else.
I never cared about my hair. I change it often,  from color to cut you name it, I have done it.
As a woman entering my 40’s this year, the only people I am concerned with impressing is me and my most recent journey with God.
Do you feel society has made it hard for women to be confident in who they really are?

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