Remembering Global Tragedy


 I am seeing the figures climb on the Nepal Earthquake of the death toll on social media
my prayers go out to the familes who have lost loved ones and to wish them the strength they will need to rebuild.

I can’t help remember what happen in America a little over 13 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant when my husband Dennis called to tell me what was going on. I am not much of a TV person so he knew I wouldnt have known unless someone called me or told me. He suggested I get Jazmyn (our daughter) who was 4 at the time from school he didn’t know what was happening. I turned on the TV and there is was, a plane crashing into one of the Twin Towers in New York. Of coarse I was shocked and did as he suggested to go get our daughter.

That afternoon I had a doctor appointment scheduled at 3pm to have my first internal exam of our baby. The rest of the day I watched over and over the rebroadcast of the horrific tragedy that unfolded as I watched the news. It was on every station. I myself did not experrience loss in that tragedy I ended up experiencing life.

I called the doctor to make sure they were still going to be open due to the situation that was unfolding and said that they were closing ealry and my appointment was still on.

The baby was doing great, I was doing great was the report from the doctor.

That evening at 7pm I was having abdominal cramping, which was to be expected due to my first internal exam, the cramping had lasted too long and new something was wrong. Off to the hospital we went, made arrangements for Jazmyn to be with my parents while we figured out what was going on.

I was in labor. I had a scheduled c-section with my doctor it was scheduled for a month later, I couldn’t be having my baby now could I, I thought to myself. I remember a nurse saying I was having the baby. Everyone in the hospital that was having elective surgeries that day had to be cancelled. I remember seeing other pregnant women coming in that evening as well. I spoke with the nurse and explained our birth plan for our daughter and remember her saying to me “your opting for a c-section?” this was our plan with our doctorand yes I was. Everything was happening so fast, I remember my mom (who is no longer with me now) being there in the delivery room along with Dennis at my side and hearing confusion as my daughter was being born. Not knowing what was going on I just tried to focus on not being too nervous as a c-section is major surgery, I had done it before, however this one was different, she was ealry, too ealry. She ended up being born on 09/12/01 at 12:31am. I remember holding her and looking at her she was perfect as our other daughter before her.

As the night went on while I was recovering the nurse came in and said “your very lucky and so is your daughter.” I looked at her perplexed and asked “why?” There was blood in the amniotic fluid and my daughter was seperated from the placenta. Had I have tried to have her naturally both of us may not have made it.

I was  25 when I had my second daughter. We had planned on naming her Katarina Inez, Inez after my grandmother, she wasn’t a Kat. She was something more. She went nameless for 2 days, I drove the hospital staff nuts I rememeber, they needed a name. My husband and I agreed that she should be Destiny. I believe she was born on that day as the world mourning we were celebrating life. It was destiny that she was born the way she was, when she was, and how she was.

It was part of God’s plan, not mine, not my husband’s, not even Destiny’s.

I believe out of tragedy amazing things happen, both good and bad yes. However,  the good overall tends to outweigh the bad on so many levels.

Do you remember what happened to you on 9/11?

I know I’ll never forget!

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