3170BC2B-9F13-4CB9-87DF-226AA94CB6BCWhen you put on your fleece

As you walk out the door

Do you look forward to returning home?

Does your home bring you peace?

When you are home

Wherever it may be

Looking forward to going back

Is where your heart should be

If it doesn’t

What can you do?

You choose to stay

Or you choose to go

The choice is yours

When you go to clock in

And you look around

Do you like the environment?

Or is the 1st thing on your mind


You like the pay

Or sometimes wish there was more

Working at a j-o-b can be a chore

Does it fulfill you?

Does it make you want to jump out of bed?

If it doesn’t

Why are you there?

Show yourself you care

Your goals

Your dreams matter

No one said life was easy

But who wants to live a life that is cheesy?

And end up going to a speakeasy?

Day after day

Wishing the day away?

You deserve more

Will working towards your hopes and dreams be a challenge?


Who knows

You may end up on Ellen

Don’t stop dreaming

Keep reaching for your peace

It will help you release

Your gift

Your purpose

Look around

There will be someone to give you courage

It may have to come from yourself

You may not get any from anyone else

You are different

So is everyone around you


Let anyone try to drown you

And your ideas

They can change the world

In which you live

Never forget to give

Yourself a pat on the back

You never know how your mind will react

Nothing in your life

Will go exact

Don’t retract


Keep moving forward


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