Nothing To Fear

6F334F60-2F1E-4735-ACDA-75E0F4F9B8B9Is there someone in your life that is doing their best to convince you that you are a bad person?

Because of something you did which you believe in your heart was right?

If you choose to stay around this person or group of people?

You will fight

I know you feel that deep down in your soul you were right


Not everyone thinks the way you do

Nor does anyone really know what one is going through

God somehow, someway helps us through

I have one, two actually, ok three people, who are doing their best to punish me

And at some level their harsh words and actions still get to me

I’ve been working on my relationship with Christ, as well as myself

It is His judgment that matters to me most

A reminder: God gave us free will

Instead of taking a pill

For your worries and fears

Trust in Him

He will help you persevere

With Him in your life?

You have nothing to fear


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