Learn To Retrain Your Brain

Remember when you had dreams of being a dancer, a singer, a painter, a comedian, an actor, a musician, a professional athlete, or maybe even a poet? 

Someone at some point of your life, maybe even you told you you couldn’t be what you wanted to be. 

You deserve to be you. 

Use these ten actionable steps to retrain your brain and become who you were meant to be before someone told you you couldn’t be.

  1. Plant yourself in a non-toxic environment

Maybe you’ve heard of checking your energy/vibe at a door before you walk in, maybe you haven’t. However, think about how great it would be if everyone did. Stepping over a threshold of a new beginning to your day or perhaps your life of getting you right. 

2. Let go of memories that are upsetting to you

Easier said than done I know, although consistency actually counts. You must be laser focused on unlearning things from your past so that you can be your best you for you and for whomever you feel is deemed worthy of you. Never settle for anything or anyone less. 

3. Let go of any and all toxic relationships

The longer you stay in a toxic environment the more challenging it is to leave one. 

You’ve told yourself all the stories of how “they will change if I keep loving them the way I am” or “he/she didn’t mean what they said when they said what they said”. 

You have done the same thing over and over again and you are still expecting a different result. That my friend is insanity. 

You call that person crazy for not understanding you yet your expecting someone to change when they don’t see anything wrong with their actions. You are expecting them to change and you aren’t even willing to do yourself. 

You are driving yourself insane remaining the same. It is actually selfish of you to want someone to change and you aren’t willing to either. We must be the change we wish to see, not wait for others to see your version of what you think your life should be. 

4. Feed your brain the food it needs not necessarily what you want

Your body does not need a quarter pounder with cheese. Your mind is telling you you do. You must learn to not believe everything you think. Your body needs water, fiber, protein and most importantly love. 

In order for someone to love you the way you want to be loved you must first learn how to love you so you can teach others.

Have boundaries, standards and self respect.

5. Write down what is in your brain that may be driving you insane

Write to get you right.

Every thought you have that may be troubling you get it out of you and look at what you’ve been thinking. Read it out loud in front of a mirror. 

6. Take time to pause and reflect on what you wrote

Pausing in life is essential to understand you. This action alone will help you reflect on yourself and your current situation. 

If you aren’t happy with what you see, hear and read from yourself you have two choices, move forward towards a new and improved you or remain the same.

7. Create actionable steps to move forward based on your findings 

If you are happy with what you find in yourself you still have to keep moving forward to what is next on your journey. By taking the time to pause and reflect on what you are moving forward to next, the constant circle of life. 

If you find you aren’t happy with what you found within you, it’s up to you to become a better you and only you can do that. 

8. Listen to peaceful music

What you listen to effects you whether you realize it or not. Learn to listen to peace it will help you learn to release. 

Creating the best version of yourself isn’t easy. If it was everyone would be working on being the best version of themselves. 

If you choose to to work on being the best version of yourself (and yes it is a choice) by learning to retrain your brain you can move forward and be sane. 

9. Surround yourself with people who accept you for the way you are not for who they want you to be. 

At one point of your life you were someone else for someone else not for yourself. 

10. Learn to be the you you were before someone told you you couldn’t be

You aren’t the only one who lost themselves along the way. Someone may have said something to you or done something to you to stunt your growth and prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Those moments when they did were defining moments in your life. If we live by the opinions and judgments of others we will die holding onto their opinions and judgments of us. 

You can unlearn repeated toxic patterns from your past effortlessly and with the confidence. 

Trust yourself to make the right decision for you. 

The way to create good thoughts in your head is to exercise the bad thoughts out or you will get caught with bad thoughts swimming in your head and have trouble sleeping when you go to rest your head. 

The sooner you learn why you are the way you are the sooner you can let those who love you know too.