Have you ever been in a pickle?

Have you ever been in a pickle?
Not just like in baseball in life?
Where you had to make a decision on a dime within a split second
Your entire life being judged ridiculed shamed?
There are times in life we must do what we must do right? image
Do what we feel is best
Stop overthinking, there’s no time for that
Either take the chance to run to first base or go to second base
More recently I have been doing this every single day with my life.
I have to tell you it’s been quite a rush
I’ve been taking almost every opportunity that comes my way
Why do you ask?
Why not?
I have one shot at this amazing opportunity called LIFE.
I’m certainly going to live it.
I always encourage my four children to do the same
I invite you to follow along with my three daughters and myself as we embark on a road trip this summer
It will be approximately three weeks
Lots of laughter lots of encouragement and I’m sure as passionate as I am quite a few tears
Will you join us?

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