#DirectSales- Teaching People How to Sell and Learning to Sell in an Industry That Selling is Essential

This just happened…I’m sure it is happened to you before too. I was sent a private message with about I would say 50 or so other people it was a group message through private messenger on Facebook. She is in #directsales . Typically in direct sales the last day of the month is crucial to everyone’s success in their industry. And like most businesses reaching certain quotas each month or a certain amount of customers each month is essential when continuing to keep your business moving forward. However, being put into a group private message is not something that I believe and know to be a successful strategy. In sales, which is what I am in, there is a bit of foreplay, if you will, that is involved. I have never heard of her company before and as it turns out we have almost 300 friends in common so apparently we have networked at one point or another together. Teaching people how to sell and learning to sell in an industry that selling is essential, selling classes are not offered when you start a direct sales business typically until you advance in the company to teach your new business partners. Then when these sales strategies are taught, are not appreciated and typically ends up with most people giving up. I am happy to provide such a course. If you are interested in learning or know of someone who could use a lesson. I’d be happy to help I have a referral program set in place for those of you that refer. I look forward to helping you grow in all the right areas. image

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