imageI have been in the customer service industry for as long as I can remember. People matter, always have, always will.
I remember working at Publix when I was 14, my dad walked in with me for the interview. I learned so many valuable lessons those almost 5 years that I worked there, worked my way up in the company from bagger, to cashier, to customer service desk, then stocking the HBC isle ( healthy and beauty care) Smiling was one of of the lessons I learned, listening to whether people wanted paper or plastic ( that was the one question we had to ask as we were bagging their groceries). I would always have small talk to every customer that I walked out with when I brought their groceries to their car. How are you today? Nice to see you again? My brief walk to their car whether in the sunshine or in the rain I spoke to people. People matter. When I ask how are you? I really want to know. Through experience I have learned to recognize those that ask the same question of me if they are asking because they care or because it is a common way to start a conversation. Authenticity is real. I encourage you to look for it in others as well as in yourself. I also remember wearing black pants with deep pockets. I was tipped for my stroll to their car and my small talk more often than not 😉 What is one way you are authentic with people?

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