Are men or women more likely to get an “extra” job over the holidays?

Are men or women more likely to go out and get an “extra” job during the holidays?

I believe women are. I know I was.

All too often we exchange dollars for hours when there are other ways.
We spend enough time away from the ones we love why not look for another way?
I am a firm believer that when the student is ready the teacher appears.
We overthink things in our mind.
Choices aren’t always a good thing.
Gives us too many options.

We weigh the good, the bad, the indifferent.
Way too much time #mindfucking ourselves into doing things the way others do and forget we need to do things for who we are not everyone else.

Our time is precious
Who we spend our time with.
What are we doing it for.
When we do it.
Where we spend our time.
Why we are spending our time.
How we are spending our time.
We learned the who, what, when, where and why when we were in elementary school.
Who would have thought after all these years we would be applying those simply questions to our daily adult life?

The holidays are stressful enough as I have experienced over the years. Trying to keep friends and family happy and full at the dinner table.

When what we really need to be doing is making ourselves happy.

As I have discovered the answer to the question whether men or women go looking for extra money around the holidays, I say the answer is women, we are always trying to make others happy and rarely make ourselves a priority.

As a mom of 4 when my kids are happy I am happy. However I have finally learned to ask the who, what, when , where and why to my daily adult life after my 2nd marriage ended.

I work online from home or anywhere I am happy.

And why the hell not?

Life is entirely too short to do anything other than doing the things that make YOU happy.

Are you?

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